(black bow dress)

(Eiffel tower necklace)

(colourful bow ring)

Thanks to my friend Vicky I was able to discover a lovely store in the center of Thessaloniki...Pariselle!!!It's a small store with lots of hidden treasures in it!!!Like this amazing dress I bought and those great girly jewellery!!!!Go and you will not leave with empty hands for me!!!!

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2 σχόλια:

Vicky είπε...

Οτι κ να λεμε, σαν το Pariselle δεν εχει!!!Χιλια μπραβο στην Ελενη που φερνει τοσο ομορφα πραγματα στο μαγαζι της!!!:)

Helen είπε...

Simfwnw apolita Vicky mou!!!Thanks for inroducing Pariselle to me through your blog ;)!!!

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